Surrender a Golden

We understand that due to circumstances beyond your control you may have to contact Forever Friends Golden Retriever Rescue to surrender your beloved Golden Retriever. We know that you would not consider this unless it was your only choice, and we are here to help you. If you would like a volunteer to contact you, please call the hotline at (866) 580-6369 or email us at You will get a personal call within 24 hours to answer any questions and explain our procedure. Otherwise, click on the button below to fill out the Surrender Application.


I Let You Go
The hardest thing I’ve ever done
Is let you go, but now I must.
Life changes so, we don’t know when.

Those changes mean I have to trust
That those who take my lovely one
Will find the home that gives you love.
And keeps you safe and warm and fed.
And lets you have a soft, soft bed.

I let you go because I care.
And in my heart you’re always near.
Goodbye my sweet, I love you so.
Goodbye my friend, I let you go.

—Ruth Di Gregorio

For information about surrendering your Golden, contact

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