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Meet Rusty, a mellow 8 year old “velcro boy” who just loves to be loved! Rusty is brand new to rescue. His favorite spot is wherever his family is. He loves going for walks and chasing tennis balls, and then taking a nice long nap! Rusty also loves his food and his treats, but like most of us, as we get older it gets harder to keep that weight off, so his foster parents are making sure that he gets plenty of exercise. Rusty is very sociable and is quite happy to be with children, cats and other dogs – the more the merrier! Please submit an application if you would like to meet Rusty.

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Eight year old Jaxon is brand new to rescue. He is a mellow boy who is looking for his forever home. He gets along well with his foster brother but is not always happy to share his toys. We are learning more about him every day. If you are interested and live in our area, please submit an on line application. Check back here in a few days for a more complete bio on this sweet boy.

If you’re interested in Jaxon please fill out a adoption application or email us at so we may contact you to see if he’ll be a good fit.

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*ADOPTION PENDING* Are you looking for the sweetest little girl puppy? Well if so, we’d like you to meet our Little Curley Shirley Temple. Since she is still just a baby, she will need to be potty trained and have some basic training (she will learn very quickly we promise because she is so very smart).
If you’re interested in the sweetest little girl around, please contact Forever Friends for more information.

If you’re interested in Shirley please fill out a adoption application or email us at so we may contact you to see if she’ll be a good fit.

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Adoption Pending!
Looking to add a handsome, athletic redhead to the family? Look no farther than me, Mr. B! I’m a five years young, high-energy guy looking for an active family to call my own. I love going for walks and a run is even better. I’m quite the athlete! While I excel at catching tennis balls and Frisbees, I’m still working on learning to let them go. I love playing with older kids who can keep up with my energy level, so any human siblings should be at least 7. My current foster mom says that even though I’m a boy, I am quite the diva. I guess what she means is that I like having all the attention, I want my people all to myself. I need a home where I am the only furry child since I am very picky about my canine companions and cats…. Well, cats are good for chasing just like squirrels. I have a strong personality and I can be a rebel at times. However, I am really intelligent and I learn easily. I just I need a family committed to continuing my training so I can continue growing into a model canine citizen. So if you think I’d fit in with your family, contact the nice people at Forever Friends. I’d love to meet you!

If you’re interested in Buddy please fill out a adoption application or email us at so we may contact you to see if he might be a good fit

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He is so handsome, other dogs look away.
His coat is so shiny, he causes a solar eclipse.
His eyes are so green, diamonds want to become emeralds.
He’s so mellow, nascar implemented a speed limit.
He’s so well refined, they named a car after him.

~ Meet Bentley, he’s the most interesting dog in the world ~
Burglars protect his yard.
When he enters the room, cats bark at themselves.
Fleas refuse to bite him, purely out of respect.
When he goes on walks, his humans wear the leash.
His looks are so exotic, they named a new species after him.

Bentley, is a two year old Golden Retriever/Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever mix. Bentley’s temperament is more the mellow Golden Retriever, but he gets his exotic looks from his Toller side.
Bentley is very much the family dog, he loves hanging out with his humans more than anything else. Bentley also loves to go on long walks, and he makes a great jogging partner. On those days when you feel the urge to be a couch potato, Bentley’s got you covered. Being the most interesting dog that he is, Bentley has developed his own belief system called Bentley-ism’s –
• Cats are boring and one should not have to share a house with them.
• Patience is a virtue, and one need not be virtuous when it comes to other dogs.
• Retrieving is for fools.
Bentley came into rescue as a stray, and because we do not know about his background, we prefer not to place him in a home with small children. Bentley has had basic obedience training, he is crate and house trained, neutered, micro-chipped and current on all of his vaccines.
If you’re interested in Bentley please fill out a adoption application or email us at so we may contact you to see if he might be a good fit

Good looking Bentley has been adopted!

Great news, Margaret has been adopted!
Hi Everyone,

We would love to introduce you to Margaret. Margaret just turned 4 and is probably one of the sweetest girls that you’d ever meet. When she came into our rescue the first thing that we noticed that she definitely needed to lose quite a bit of weight. Her Foster Family is being very diligent and Margaret’s already lost 15 pounds. We know that she will have a stellar body very soon.

Margaret’s got a wonderful personality. She loves taking walks and will do well with an active family who enjoys taking long walks and hikes. She is currently a major puller on her leash but we are definitely working on that. She’s great with everyone she’s met (including dogs and seems to be fine with cats as well). She seems to be completely potty trained too. Margaret is up-to-date on her shots.

If you’re interested in Margaret please fill out a adoption application or email us at so we may contact you to see if she might be a good fit

Great news! Patty has been adopted!

We’d like you to meet Buddy. Buddy’s a great boy and will definitely be a wonderful addition to the right family. You should have an active lifestyle (he especially loves to camp), with older children (definitely older than 7 years). Buddy needs a family without cats or small breed dogs. He would be fine with a large breed female. (He loves to hang out with his Golden Foster Sister.)

He can be cautious around new people and sometimes takes a while to warm up, so he will need an experienced, dog savvy family who are willing to take the time to allow his fun-loving golden personality to emerge. Additionally, he will need strong leadership from his owner to help him feel secure. He knows sit, down, stay, leave it, and roll over, but will needed continued training to reinforce these behaviors. He will also need continued leash training as he tends to pull. He would do best with a family where someone is home more often than not as he has a tendency to bark when left alone.

He’s just a touch over 4 years old and is current on all his shots.
If you’re interested in Buddy please fill out a adoption application or email us at so we may contact you to see if he might be a good fit

Charlie has found his forever home!

Great news Elisa has been adopted!

Great news, Dexter has been adopted!

Chester has found his forever home!

Great news! Rosie has been adopted!

Zoey has found her forever home!

Great news Roxy has been adopted!

Great news! Leo has been adopted!

Bonded pair adopted!


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